Jumping Back IN!

002I started my photography journey over 4 years ago with a DSLR camera I had no idea what to do with. Learning on film taught Mikayla-833me patience and the importance of getting it right in camera. When I began my business, I only wanted to do boudoir. Before long, I realized how restrictive that would be with no studio space and limited funds to grow my equipment cache. I branched out a little with weddings and seniors, but my lack of experience in those genres inhibited me further.

Week 1 Self Portrait

After a while, I knew that I would need to work more and shoot less in order to maintain my financial stability. My camera began to collect dust, I cancelled my membership for Photoshop, and I shut down my website. I missed it everyday I was not shooting and wanted so badly to continue. It was not until a couple months ago that my world had come to a calm quiet and I could finally refocus on my ultimate goals.

At that point I made the decision to begin rebranding. I changed the name of my business from Bijou Photography to my name and created a new logo. I started reaching out to old clients and seeking out new ones. A few weeks ago I started shooting again and I am back in my happy place. So far I have met some amazing people and have enjoyed every shoot. I am consistently getting inquiries and I can not be more excited. I truly feel like I am restarting all over again so I appreciate every client that gives me their time and patience, trusting me to capture special moments in their lives and families. Below are some of my most recent clients while I am going through this growing phase.


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